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Competitively priced and packed full of features such as a free domain name and website builder you'll have everything you need to get online.

MailboxesPOP3/IMAP Mailboxes
Personalise your email. Create individual mailboxes for each person in your family or workplace. Send and receive email using a popular mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. Our mail servers support both POP3 and IMAP.
10 20 30
Email ForwardingEmail Forwarding
Become memorable and personalise your email address i.e: mike946273@yourisp.com becomes mike@yourdomain.com Smart, memorable and convenient as your email address stays the same even if you change your ISP.
Email Auto respondersEmail Autoresponders
Be contactable 24/7 with email autoresponders. Automatically respond to email even when your away from your home or office.
Enjoy the freedom to send and receive email wherever you are in the world from any computer. With web browser based email you can stay in contact when you are away from the home or office.
MRAMultiple Recipient Address
Allows you to send the same email message to multiple people. Quickly and easily distribute information to staff or family.
MX EntryMX Entry
Easily create your own custom MX records if you require.
Email FilteringEmail Filtering
Useful to block unwanted spam. Set mail filters to block emails containing specific phrases or words or from certain addresses. Can also be used in conjunction with Spam Assassin.
Spam AssassinSpam Assassin
Help reduce the amount of spam in your inbox. Email identified as possible spam can be either deleted or you can simply filter it into a folder in your email program for later review.
Anti-Virus ScanningAnti-Virus Scanning
Email is automatically scanned for viruses. This offers you a certain level of protection against viruses reaching your inbox, but it is still recommended that you also have anti virus software installed on your computer.
Domain Features
Free Domain NameFree Domain Name
Offer applies to certain extensions only. 1st year of new domain name registrations. Does not apply to upgrades or domain name transfers. Only one free domain name per web hosting package.
Quick, Easy Registration
DNS ManagementDNS Management
DNS Management allows you to have control over your own DNS records. Easily enabling you to configure all A, CNAME, MX, TXT records for your domain name through your online control panel and even set up records for any Google Apps that you may wish to use.
Sub DomainsSub Domains
Create easy to remember web addresses for different areas of your web site. Put anything you want before your domain name to go to different areas of your web site or even to a location somewhere else completely.
10 20 30
Redirect ManagerRedirect Manager
With the Redirect Manager you can redirect either parts of your web site or pages from your web site to another destination address.
Scripts & Databases
PHP ScriptingPHP Scripting
PHP is a very popular and powerful server side scripting language enabling easy access to databases and is ideal for building dynamic data driven web sites and many other things.
Wordpress & JoomlaWordpress & Joomla Compatible
Add interaction to your web pages. Our hosting is Wordpress and Joomla compatible as well as hundreds of other open source PHP software available on the web.
MySQL DatabasesMySQL Databases
MySQL is a powerful database engine which can be integrated into web sites using a scripting language such as PHP or Perl enabling you to create advanced data driven web sites.
1 3 5
PHPmyAdmin is the one of the most popular tools for MySQL database administration and runs in a web browser.
Security Features
Password ProtectionPassword Protect Directories
Allows you to restrict access to certain areas of your web site. A dialogue box will prompt a visitor for a username and password.
IP Deny ManagerIP Deny Manager
This feature will allow you to block an IP address or a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site.
GnuPG EncryptionGnuPG Encryption
Handle and store information in an encrypted state. For example encrypt web form submissions from your site so only you can read them.
Dedicated SSL CertificateDedicated SSL Certificate
The professional solution to enable secure communication with your web site, an SSL certificate instills confidence that your website can be trusted and helps to assure customer confidence.
(Optional - More info) (Optional - More info) (Optional - More info)
Statistics & Logs
Webalizer Graphical StatisticsWebalizer Graphical Statistics
Want to know how popular your web site is and where your visitors come from? Statistics do just that and more. Displayed in an easy to understand simple table and graph format the information you need is right at your fingertips
Show Latest VisitorsShow Latest Visitors
View the latest visitors to your website at a glance.
Bandwidth StatsBandwidth Stats
View your bandwidth usage directly from your control panel.
Error LogsError Logs
View your sites error log directly from your control panel. This is very useful when debugging any scripts or other site errors.
Raw Access LogsRaw Access Logs
Download raw access logs from your web site.
More Features
Free Instant Web Site BuilderFree Instant Web Site Builder
Simple 3 step website builder. Fasy and easy to use and edit, no technical knowledge needed
FTP AccountsFTP Accounts
Additional ftp accounts allow you to set up restricted areas of your web site so that only certain authenticated external users can have access to it.
1 3 5
SSIServer Side Includes
Add dynamic elements to HTML web pages. Automatically insert other HTML documents, dates and file information.
Apache HandlersApache Handlers
This enables you to choose how the server handles different file extensions. For example you may want all .html pages to be parsed as .shtml or any custom extension.
Index ManagerIndex Manager
Allows you to turn indexes on or off for a directory. If indexes are off, people will not be able to see what files are in a directory that lacks an index file.
Online Control PanelOnline Control Panel
Your own personal control panel to enable you to have greater control over all aspects of your webspace. Includes useful information including instructions, tutorials, context sensitive help and technical support.
Customised Error PagesCustomised Error Pages
Create your own customised error pages instead of the usual uninformative error responses.
Daily BackupsDaily Backups
Your web site will be backed up on a daily basis. If you also wish to download a backup of your web site this can easily be done via your control panel.
Freebies & Discounts
Free Domain NameFree Domain Name
Offer only applies to new domain name registrations and not upgrades or domain name transfers, only one free domain name per web hosting package.
Free Web Site BuilderFree Instant Web Site Builder
Simple 3 step website builder. Fast and easy to use and edit, no technical knowledge needed.
Free UK 365 Service & Support
No Set-up Fees
No Adverts or Banners
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
UK Secure Data Centre
Affordable, Fast, Reliable Service